More than 80 years hourly weather data using Copernicus ERA5
Cloud Detection Using Visible Light Satellite Observations
Small, but noteworthy improvements

December 2022

Global data with resolutions of up to 5 km for up to 60 years
European and United States AQI via API

November 2022

High resolution data for North America and Northern Europe
Compare NOAA GFS, MeteoFrance Arome, DWD ICON, ECMWF and JMA

October 2022

MeteoFrance API with ARPEGE and AROME models

September 2022

GFS and HRRR models now integrated
Wind, temperature, humidity and clouds on 20 atmospheric levels

August 2022

Based on the European Copernicus CAMS models
Wave height, direction and period forecasts with 5 km resolution